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Many of our fellows go on to do great things which fills us with pride. Here are a few members of our alumnus.

Ben lamb headshot.jpg

Ben Lamb

I trained at UCLH with the pelvic oncology and robotics team between October 2014 to January 2017, completing my speciality urology training (ST5 and ST6). When I started, I was one of two registrars supporting 6 consultants undertaking approximately 300 RARPs and 50 RARCs per year. Over the time I was there, the service expanded to over 500 RARPs and 100 RARCs annually, with other consultants and fellows joining the team. The two defining characteristics of my time at UCLH were the volume of work, and the innovation that permeated the department. Being trained by such a range of skilled surgeons, as well as immersion in the pre- and post-operative care of huge numbers of patients was an incredible experience. I emerged from UCLH having learned a range of techniques, and with experience of a wide variety of challenging scenarios.

Currently I am a Urological and Robotic Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. I have a general urological practice with a sub-specialist interest in prostate cancer and bladder cancer. I undertake robotic prostatectomy, robotic cystectomy, and pelvic lymph node dissection for patients with melanoma. I perform a range of techniques including standard anterior approach, posterior approach and retzius sparing RARP.  I aim to integrate the best bits of the practice that I have observed in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients, according to their priorities. Alongside clinical practice, I am faculty for the Urology Masters course at Anglia-Ruskin University, and am Educational and Clinical supervisor for junior doctors and trainee Surgical Care Practitioners. I also have an interest in MDT transformation, working with cancer MDTs regionally and nationally to develop methods for assessing the performance of MDTs, and improving the way they work.

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